Ameridrives CouplingsView DetailsAmeridrives Couplings is a leading international manufacturer of mechanical power transmission products.www.ameridrives.com
Ameridrives Power TransmissionView DetailsAmeridrives Power Transmission Inc. is a manufacturer of universal joints for industrial, off highway and transportation applications.www.ameridrivespowertransmission.com
Bauer Gear MotorView DetailsBauer Gear Motor provides geared motor solutions of the highest quality with focus on flexible solutions, reliability and customer understanding.www.bauergears.com
Bibby TurboflexView DetailsBibby Turboflex has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of couplings for use in industrial markets for over 70 years.www.bibbytransmissions.co.uk
Boston GearView DetailsBoston Gear is one of the industry's premier resources for high-performance integrated power transmission and motion control products and components.www.bostongear.com
Delroyd Worm Gear GBDView DetailsDelroyd Worm Gear, designs and manufactures worm gear drives and engineered worm gear products.www.delroyd.com
Formsprag ClutchView DetailsFormsprag Clutch is the recognized leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable overrunning clutches to the power transmission markets.www.formsprag.com
Huco DynatorkView DetailsHuco Dynatork offers the most comprehensive range of coupling types available from a single manufacturer.www.huco.com
Industrial ClutchView DetailsIndustrial Clutch is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of clutches and brakes for a variety of industrial applications.www.indclutch.com
Inertia DynamicsView DetailsInertia Dynamics offers a full line of Electromagnetic Clutches and Brakes, Wrap Spring Clutch/Brakes, Motor Brakes, Controls and Moment of Inertia Measurement Equipment.www.idicb.com
Kilian ManufacturingView DetailsKilian is the world leader in designing, developing and manufacturing precision-machined bearings and assemblies.www.KilianBearings.com
LamiflexView DetailsLamiflex offers the latest technology in manufacturing equipment for power transmission components, including flexible disc couplings, elastomeric couplings and drive shafts.www.lamiflexcouplings.com
Marland ClutchView DetailsMarland one-way clutches and backstops have been protecting costly equipment, preventing injury and preventing lost production time for over 60 years.www.marland.com
Matrix InternationalView DetailsMatrix International is a leading designer and provider of electromagnetic clutches and brakes used in forklift trucks and servo motor brakes.www.matrix-international.com
Nuttall GearView DetailsNuttall Gear is the only company that specializes in providing complete packaged drive assemblies of both mechanical and electrical components.www.nuttallgear.com
Stieber ClutchView DetailsStieber specializes in the design and production of drive elements for mechanical engineering systems.www.stieber.de
TB Woods | Gearing & Belted DrivesView DetailsTB Wood's is the industry-leading innovator in the designing and manufacturing of a wide range of mechanical power transmission equipment.www.tbwoods.com
TB Woods CouplingsView DetailsTB Wood’s offers a solution for any coupling application with several lines of high-performance couplings. Wood’s lines of elastomeric, disc and gear couplings have a reputation of reliability and flexibility.www.tbwoods.com
Twiflex LimitedView DetailsTwiflex specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of Advanced Braking Technology for industrial applications.www.twiflex.com
Warner ElectricView DetailsA leader in clutch & brake technology for over 70 years, Warner Electric offers the broadest selection of clutches, brakes, controls and sensors available from single source.www.warnerelectric.com
Warner LinearView DetailsWarner Linear is dedicated to designing and manufacturing rugged service electromechanical actuators and actuator controls.www.warnerlinear.com
Wichita ClutchView DetailsWichita is a leading supplier in the mining machinery industry with a broad product offering to meet the specific power transmission requirements of all types of mining and quarry equipment.www.wichitaclutch.com