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Altra Key Markets

We maintain a balanced portfolio of world-class motion control products serving a diverse range of markets around the globe. The breadth of our product lines is as impressive as it is deep, giving many of our internationally recognized brands the ability to support and blanket a myriad of industries and help to dampen the cyclical impact of any one given industry.

Building upon our expertise in key growth industries, we have been able to further entrench ourselves in many promising segments such as energy, mining, material handling, food processing, metals, and turf and garden. We continue to evaluate emerging technologies and markets to broaden our diversity in an ever-changing world.

Altra products are sold in over 70 countries in a variety of major Industrial Markets.

Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense

  • Rotary Wing Main Drives & Accessories
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Accessory Drives
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Cargo Systems
  • Land-Based Vehicles Driveline
Crane and Hoist

Crane and Hoist

  • Overhead Traveling Bridge Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Monorail Lifting Systems
  • Top Slewing Cranes
  • Chain and Wire Rope Hoists


  • Commercial Elevators
  • Industrial Elevators
  • Residential Elevators
  • Stair Lifts
Oil & Gas Market

Oil and Gas

  • Gas Compressor Pumps
  • Off-Shore Drilling Platforms
  • Oil and Gas Wells
  • Turbines
Farm and Agriculture

Farm and Agriculture

  • Mowers
  • Fan Drives
  • Grain Handling & Drying Equipment
  • Seeders & Sprayers
  • Pumps
  • Combines, Bailers & Harvesters
Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

  • Conveyors
  • Industrial Ovens
  • Mixers
  • Capping Equipment
Forklift Trucks

Forklift Truck

  • Aerial Lifts
  • Automated Guided Vehicles
  • Electric Powered Lift Trucks
  • Gas Powered Lift Trucks
Materials & Handling Market

Material Handling

  • Bulk Material Handling Conveyors
  • Monorails
  • Storage Retrieval Systems
  • Unit Handling Conveyors
Medical and Mobility

Medical and Mobility

  • Powered Wheelchairs
  • Scooters
  • Treadmills
  • X-Ray Tables
Metals Market

Metals Market

  • Levelers
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Steel Mill Roll Stands
  • Steel Slitters
 Mining and Aggregate Market

Mining and Aggregate

  • Ball Mills
  • Cement Kilns
  • Drag Lines
  • Mining Shovels
 Motion Control Market

Motion Control

  • Servo Motor Brakes
  • Pick and Place Equipment
  • Plant Automation Machinery
  • Robots
Packaging Machinery Market

Packaging Machinery

  • Cartoning & Care Packing Machinery
  • Filling and Capping Equipment
  • Palletizing Machinery
  • Wrapping Machinery
Power Generation Market

Power Generation

  • Natural Gas, Coal, Petroleum & Steam Turbines
  • Turning Drives
  • Aeroderivative Turbines
  • Renewable Energy Turbines
Renewable Energy Market

Renewable Energy

  • Wind Turbines
  • Tidal Turbines
  • Solar Power
  • Ethanol Production Equipment
Transportation Market


  • Automotive Seat Bearings
  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Commercial Marine Winches
  • Light Duty Rail Transmissions
Turf and Garden Market

Turf and Garden

  • Commercial Lawn Mowers
  • Golf Course Maintenance Equipment
  • Residential Lawn Mowers
  • Utility Vehicles
Water and Wastewater Market

Water and Wastewater

  • Cooling Towers
  • Pumps
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Water Filtration