Huco Dynatork

Huco Dynatork

With more than 40 years of innovation, Huco Dynatork is recognized as a world leader in precision coupling and piston air motor technologies. Backed by extensive application experience, utilizing the most advanced materials, Huco Dynatork designs and manufactures innovative power transmission solutions that meet the most demanding customer requirements.

Huco Dynatork manufactures a comprehensive range of precision coupling types including beam, Oldham, Uni-Lat, bellows, rigid, flex membrane, jaw and double loop. A full line of highly efficient piston air motors and air motor/worm gearbox assemblies is also offered.

Reliable Huco Dynatork products can be found in a variety of key markets including food processing, energy, textiles, medical, packaging, metals, machine tools and material handling on applications such as stepper & servo drives, dynamometers, scanners, pumps, fans & blowers, mixers, conveyors and compressors.

Huco Dynatork Products


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